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Bronx tooth removal

Bronx Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal in Bronx

Bronx tooth removal

Bronx tooth removal

Pain is a signal from the nervous system to the brain that something is wrong. When the pain is in a tooth it means that something is not right within or near that tooth, usually the problem involves some sort of decay or infection. When the pain comes from one of the third molars in the very back of the mouth it may be a signal that it may be time for Bronx tooth removal. Our Urgent Care Dental practice handles dental emergencies such as toothaches and traumatic injuries as well as the full range of general, cosmetic and restorative dental services.

Pain and a dental emergency are not the only reason for wisdom teeth extraction. Often a wisdom tooth is extracted because it is unable to erupt through the gum for some reason or the mouth would be too crowded with the wisdom tooth, or the tooth is coming in crooked. Many dentists are in favor of extracting all four of the wisdom teeth at one time before they can cause problems. Symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth include facial swelling, pain, gum swelling and infection. Wisdom teeth extractions are similar to other Bronx tooth removal of any of the other teeth but may require some additional steps if it has become impacted or has not yet erupted through the skin.

Bronx tooth removal is less painful than they once were because of advances in anesthesia and sedation. The majority of patient’s have no pain and little discomfort during or after the procedure. Prior to the procedure the area around the tooth is numbed using either a topical or injected local anesthetic such as novocaine. Once the tooth has been pulled the site may require a stitch or two but usually doesn’t. The patient must keep the area clean to avoid infection and our doctor may prescribe a precautionary antibiotic and the patient should avoid certain hard foods for several days. Talk to our doctor about your wisdom teeth to avoid problems down the road.

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