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Bronx toothache

Bronx Toothache

Cracked teeth in Bronx

Bronx toothache

Bronx toothache

If you are experiencing any type of oral pain, you can always contact us at Urgent Dental Care. Whether you are suffering with a Bronx toothache, a cracked tooth, or other cause of oral pain, you will want to come into our practice for treatment of your tooth problem.

Our expert emergency dentists, Dr. Scott Loeser, Dr. Jennifer Chan, Dr. Kyung E. Sung, and Dr. Jason Katz, are available to see you nights and weekends to treat your emergency dental problems. When a tooth is cracked, it may or may not be a dental emergency. However, it is always important to come in to be seen by our dentist to make sure you do not need any type of emergency treatment. There are many different types of dental cracks. Some cracks are purely surface cracks, and can easily be fixed with cosmetic dental treatment such as tooth bonding. However, other types of dental cracks can be extremely serious and threaten the tooth’s health, if not treated quickly. And still, other types of dental cracks are so serious that they call for the tooth to be immediately extracted and be ultimately replaced. Our dentist will be able to determine exactly what type of tooth crack has occurred, and what treatment is necessary. If a tooth is cracked, our dental care services will be able to provide the immediate care that you need, without any type of wait. Our dentists are all board-certified and are fully equipped to handle all types of dental emergencies. At our dental office, you can also be treated for your Bronx toothache pain. When a tooth is cracked, or damaged, it can be very painful. This pain will persist until the underlying problem is treated. If a tooth is chipped, it can also be extremely painful since nerve endings can be exposed to air. At our dental practice, we will not only treat the dental emergency, but the oral pain as well.

For an appointment to come in to see our dentist for a Bronx toothache, contact us today.

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