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Riverdale dentist

Riverdale Dentist

Treating oral infections in Riverdale

Riverdale dentist

Riverdale dentist

When your teeth are in pain, you want a solution fast. Unfortunately, most emergency rooms are not equipped to handle dental emergencies. At an emergency room you will probably experience long wait times and large copays with no real resolution to your dental issue. However, at Urgent Care Dental, our Riverdale dentist understands that and we will work swiftly to make sure your mouth is back to normal as soon as possible.

At times, you may have dental pain and not know why. For example, sudden pain may be caused by pieces of food that come in contact with a decayed area of the tooth. Food, heat or cold may create pressure near the nerve and cause pain. It is important to receive treatment from our emergency dental as soon as possible as oral and tooth infections can become more serious as time passes. For example, when the inside of your mouth gets hurt or irritated, bacteria may enter and cause an infection. Sometimes you will see a painful swelling filled with pus (a thick, yellowish fluid). If the pus can’t drain out, the area will get more swollen and painful. This is known as an abscess. The abscess forms a barrier around the infection. This is one way that your body tries to keep a bacterial infection from spreading. Our Riverdale dentist can provide instant treatment for your dental emergency, as well as long-term solutions to remedy decayed, damaged or missing teeth due to oral infections. We are skilled in the art of both cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

At Urgent Care Dental, we understand how disruptive and traumatic tooth pain can, especially when caused by an infection. Call us right away at 914-861-4777 at our Scarsdale location or 347-429-9410 at our Riverdale location if you are experiencing a dental emergency and require immediate treatment. At Urgent Dental Care, our emergency Riverdale dentist will treat your injury quickly and efficiently to produce smile-worthy results.

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