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Bronx urgent dental care

Bronx urgent dental care

Emergency dental care is something that we are proud to offer, because when you have a toothache or have suffered trauma due to an accident or injury, you cannot wait until tomorrow. We at Urgent Care Dental are committed to restoring your optimal oral wellness and relieving your pain.

Toothaches can have a variety of sources, including a jaw condition such as TMJ disorder, or advanced gum disease. Most commonly, though, they are the result of a cavity, loose or lost filling, or a chipped or cracked tooth, any of which can also allow the onset of an infection in the pulp of your tooth. Because of this, you should act quickly to take advantage of our Bronx urgent dental care. If there is no infection, the remedy is typically as simple as placing a filling, which can be done in one visit; or a crown, which takes two sessions. The point is to fix the breach in your tooth’s protective layers, the compromise of which has led to your toothache in the first place. Infections require root canal therapy, which is more involved, but can be depended on to be comfortable because of the advancements in both techniques and the equipment used in the process. Our Bronx urgent dental care is also here for you if a tooth becomes dislodged from its socket or has come loose from it completely (avulsed). Before coming in, be sure to guide a dislodged tooth back into its position if possible. For avulsed teeth, it is crucial to maintain the tooth’s moistness. Place it in a container of milk or with warm water and a pinch of salt. Bring it with you and every attempt will be made to save it and put it back in.

Keep the number for our Bronx urgent dental care handy. In fact, program it in your phone so you won’t waste a second when you need us.

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