Emergency dental care in Kingsbridge

Emergency Dental Care in Kingsbridge

Have you ever noticed how often a toothache hits you at the worst times? It never seems to occur just as you’re driving past your dentist’s office. And because your dentist is probably not open during the same hours we are, it won’t do you much good even if you were there and it was on, for example, a Sunday afternoon or a Tuesday evening. Here at Urgent Care Dental, you can trust in us for the expert diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of your toothache when you need it, not just when we can squeeze you in.

There is just no reason that you should suffer with a toothache for any longer than absolutely necessary. But even if you think you can manage the pain, there are practical matters as to why our emergency dental care in Kingsbridge is so important. Toothaches are typically due to one of a few common reasons: a cavity, a loose or lost filling, or a chipped or cracked tooth. And waiting to have your toothache addressed gives time for bacteria to get inside your tooth and cause you an infection. What we’re saying is that prompt attention from our emergency dental care in Kingsbridge is likely to mean simpler treatment, faster healing, and a better chance at rescuing the tooth. An extraction should always be a last resort. All you have to do is show up at our office during our regular hours (we’re here 7 days per week). We see our patients on a first come, first served basis. You need no appointment.

It is reassuring to know that your toothache is going to be treated in a timely manner by a skilled and experienced dentist. That’s what our emergency dental care in Kingsbridge is all about. Get relief for your pain. Come see us right away.

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