Emergency Dentist in the Bronx

Cracked tooth in the Bronx

Emergency dentist in the Bronx

Emergency dentist in the Bronx

Urgent Care Dental is an emergency dentist in the Bronx who specializes in emergency dental care such as cracked teeth, missing and dislodged teeth, tooth aches and tooth pain. If you’re suffering from an emergency, don’t hesitate to call us today. Our experienced and caring staff will give you the care that you need immediately, as well as help you find options for treatment and schedule appointments for your next visit to our offices.

If you have a cracked tooth, it may be causing you tooth pain. Tooth pain can range from redness and swelling to extreme pain around the site of the cracked tooth. The tooth should not remain irritated and swollen for too long as it can cause issues inside the tooth. We also treat toothaches that may be severe. A severe toothache can signify that there’s an abscess, or infection inside the tooth. Abscesses should be handled right away as the infection can become worse over time. An abscess can be signified by extreme pain and swelling around the area. Our emergency dentist in the Bronx can help treat infections, abscesses and toothaches immediately for quick relief.

For more information, visit our website to learn more about us and our services and how we can help you have great teeth for the rest of your life. Our staff is knowledgeable and caring and we know just how to treat you and your family, as well as offer the most affordable dental care around. We know our patients need affordable dental care and do not always have the money to be able to pay for their dental services, which is why we offer many different payment options for their needs. Our emergency dentist in the Bronx can tell you more about how to pay for our services in the way that best fits with your finance schedule.

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