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Riverdale urgent dental care

Somehow it always seems that emergency dental problems happen at the worst possible times. Now it is good to know that if you need urgent dental care work, you can have it expertly taken care of at our practice, Urgent Care Dental. Our practice is open on weekends and in the evenings when your regular dentist is closed. Our practice is not meant to provide you with regular dental care – it exists solely for the purpose of providing Riverdale urgent dental care.

At our dental care practice we are very pleased to have excellent and highly trained emergency dentists on hand. Our emergency dentists are: Dr. Scott Loeser, Dr. Jennifer Chan, Dr. Kyung E. Sung, and Dr. Jason Katz. Our board-certified dentists are thoroughly trained in handling all different types of dental emergencies, and will be able to provide you with any type of emergency dental care that you may need. Of course, if you feel your situation has created a life-threatening emergency, you should instead proceed to your nearest local emergency room. However, when you need Riverdale urgent dental care pertaining to more traditional dental emergencies, you will want to come to our office.

Among the many different types of urgent care problems that are treated at our dental office are: toothaches, tooth trauma, lost fillings, lost crowns, toothache pain, abscessed teeth, knocked out teeth, teeth extractions, abscessed teeth, chipped teeth, and many other different types of urgent dental care problems. If a tooth is knocked out, it is important that you contact us immediately so that we be able to set up an appointment for you that will get you in very quickly. Our staff will want to provide you with precise instructions as to what to do, and how to bring in the tooth if you have it in your possession. You also may want to simply come right into our office without an appointment, if your tooth situation needs immediate attention in order to save the life of a tooth. If you are experiencing sudden tooth pain, you will also want to come in to our practice. If the tooth is infected, it is important that it is treated immediately in order to minimize any serious problems from occurring. A tooth abscess should also receive immediate treatment so that the pain can be relieved and so that the infection can be treated. We hope you will keep our phone number and address handy so that when you do need Riverdale urgent dental care you will be able to benefit from seeing one of the fine dentists at our Riverdale urgent dental care practice.

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